Speaking of Jeffrey Veatch

“…your style was so believable, and, as a parent, I felt so connected. Using pictures from Justin’s life, especially the DARE card and pledge touched me greatly. When students sign that pledge in the elementary grades, they truly mean it; but, so many times something happens that takes them away from their true dreams. I left your talk feeling that your family’s story could be the story of any of our families. I also tend to watch students’ eyes, and theirs were riveted on you. You never got “preachy” nor tried to scare the kids; you just told your story. Despite all of the sadness, you left me with a message of hope, and the work you do in Justin’s memory is so meaningful. Thank you for having the courage to share Justin’s story.”

William J. Belluzzi
Superintendent of Schools
Montvale, NJ Public Schools

““…thank you for your powerful presentation at Bay Shore High school’s Red Ribbon Assembly. Your message had an immediate impact on many of our students. The dangers of drug and alcohol use are an important issue that must be addressed. I feel you offered our students a heartfelt and personal perspective regarding the risks and consequences involved in substance abuse. Your continued commitment to our youth and to communicating Justin’s message is recognized and greatly respected.”

Michelle Garrett, Assistant Principal
Bay Shore High School
Bay Shore, NY

“You could hear a pin drop today and the amount of students that gathered around Jeff afterward was a real indication….I think they took it well, very positively.”

Dawn Bartz, Principal
Pleasantville High School
Pleasantville, NY

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