Speaking of Jacy Good & Steve Johnson

“Most favorite assembly I’ve ever been to. All my focus was on her this morning and I can’t believe everything she’s been through. Her story is crazy and so inspirational to really think twice about texting while driving. I hope she made an impact on everyone else today, too.”

“Today when you came to my school you were an eye opener! I’m so happy that you made it. I’m going to make sure that if I’m in the car with someone who is on the phone to get off or to watch out and try to be a safer driver. You definitely opened my eyes and I couldn’t believe all the damage from a car accident could ever do this much damage…”

I was at the assembly today; I was one of the juniors. And I just wanted to let you know your presentation made me think about driving differently and really made me realize how quick something can be taken away. I’m going to take my permit test next Thursday and I’m really excited to drive.  Thanks to you, I’ll definitely be much safer driving, even just being a passenger. I admire your positivity and think you are a really strong woman. Thank you for opening my eyes and congratulations to you and Steve.”

“I wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your days to travel to schools and places to speak to others about texting and driving. You came to my school in CT today, and I was so inspired to help make others aware. I am going to brainstorm and think, but if there’s ANYTHING, I would definitely be interested. But overall, you’re a blessing to those you speak to! It’s hard to be up in public, but you did very well 🙂 Thanks again, and I appreciate you so much and wish the best for you and your family!(: Stay strong! I signed the pledge at school & online! I will be safe and aware of others, when I learn how to drive next year! Thanks again, Jacy, for speaking to all of us! ♥”

“I just wanted to email you quickly to THANK YOU!!  I am so glad that we have the opportunity for you to come to the school.  Even now a couple days later students are still talking about you and how much you meant to them coming in and speaking. I am looking forward to the next time we see you!”

Jamie Halper, Health and Physical Education; SADD Advisor

“Jacy Good is one of the strongest reasons why I am so proud to be a part of my school’s SADD program.  I witnessed her tell her story seven times, and each time she tells it with such grace and passion that it never gets old.  Her experiences validate my desire to keep the phone away from others and myself while driving. I will never forget the lessons she’s taught and what a wonderful human being she is.“ 

“When I heard Jacy Good speak at our school, she was an inspiration who truly changed my life forever. Her ability to share her tragic story enabled me to understand what it really felt like to be in her shoes. At that point, I was able to take action. Whenever I’m in the car with friends, family, or anyone else, I make sure that they either let me take their phone from them or put it somewhere unusable because Jacy made me realize that one text message or phone call isn’t worth taking multiple lives–including my own. Jacy opened my eyes to a real epidemic, something so simple to fix yet most people don’t even they’re doing something wrong. I believe that Jacy is changing the country one presentation at a time, and I feel empowered to share that knowledge with people to help save lives as well.”                   

“It was our good fortune to host Jacy Good as a guest speaker for our student body, faculty, and staff on two occasions in the past three years, and the experience most definitely made a huge impact on our lives and driving habits. Jacy’s engaging speaking style, her tireless dedication towards improving driver safety, and her extreme preparedness while still maintaining flexibility make her an outstanding choice for a speaker. 

 One of the main contributing factors towards Jacy’s incredible effectiveness is that her powerful story truly resonates with her audience.  The creative manner in which she incorporates the different perspectives of those whose lives were adversely affected by the accident involving a distracted driver and her family in May of 2008 truly makes her listeners stop, think, and consider how their own actions may have an impact not only on their lives, but the lives of others who share the road with them.

Additionally, I have personally witnessed how Jacy’s ability to overcome tragic adversity serves as an inspiration to others—no matter what their life experience has been.  Countless students have expressed how her story truly made an impact on their lives… Equally important to the educational benefits of her presentation, Jacy’s presentation leaves a lasting impact on her audience’s driving habits.  Jacy’s story has inspired over one thousand Freedom High School students, parents, and faculty members to take the “No Phone Zone” pledge.  Even those who have heard her speak years ago expressed how they continue to avoid texting and talking while driving because of her story.  In fact, Jacy’s story inspired students from our SADD chapter to earn grants through State Farm and National Youth Leadership Council’s “Project Ignition” and “Celebrate My Drive” so we can help Jacy in spreading the word about the importance of not driving distracted with students all throughout our district.”

Jennifer A. Wescoe, Teacher/SADD Advisor


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