Donna Sonkin

Donna Sonkin offers four fantastic programs under the heading “Teen Nutrition for the Mind, Body & Soul”. Presentations range from the Sugar Talk (how sugar affects the body, productivity and mood) to Eating for Energy/Performance, a nutrition program designed for active teens to assist with pre- and post-activity replenishment. Donna is dedicated to helping teens be healthy and balanced mentally, physically and socially. Read More about Donna Sonkin

Jacy Good and Steve Johnson

Jacy Good and Steve Johnson's powerful talk “HANG UP AND DRIVE!” was created to facilitate face-to-face discussion about the reality of the irreparable damage caused by distracted driving. It is designed for groups of people of all ages, and shows us all, that as individuals, we wield the power to eliminate distracted driving and ultimately to save lives.Read More about Jacy Good

Jayne Hitchcock

Virtual Villains: The Dangers of Blogs, IM's and Predators Jayne A. Hitchcock is an author and an internationally recognized cyber crime expert. She volunteers with numerous law enforcement agencies worldwide. Jayne is a valued resource to these agencies in the solving of Internet related crimes. Additionally, she has worked tirelessly with our legislators in the drafting and passing of many of this country's Internet laws.Read More about Jayne Hitchcock

Jeff Veatch

Extraordinary musician, son, brother, friend, Justin Veatch tragically died in his sleep as a result of an accidental drug overdose at age 17, in September 2008. Justin was incredibly gifted as a singer, songwriter and musician, having dedicated his future to music several years before his death. Jeffrey Veatch, The Fund’s Founder and father of Justin Veatch, is available to present a 40-minute multi-media presentation that tells Justin’s story. The talk is appropriate for all ages but particularly relevant to 13 to 16 year olds and their parents. Mr. Veatch discusses what happened to Justin and how young people can take better care of themselves. In addition, he offers advice on how facing adversity can be used as a tool for the good of all. Read More about Jeff Veatch

Traciana Graves

TRACIANA GRAVES - Bullying Prevention: Programs for Students and Parents; Training for Professionals – Faculty & Administrators; Becoming Superman – Dealing with youth challenges faced in their personal, academic and public lives; Creating Young Leaders: Core Character Traits of Success and Leadership. Traciana Graves is a fanatic about helping schools. Her personal experiences, and those of the people closest to her, have formed and driven her passion to create bully free schools and empower youth. She has used her own life experiences and path to success to create various programs, including SongNote Presentations, an inspirational speaking and coaching program that challenges students, teachers, and parents to be the change they wish to see in their lives and in the world.Read More about Traciana Graves