Here are some of the recent FAQs.

What type of programs does The Teen Sage provide?

The Teen Sage is a specialized agency. We offer a varied roster of keynote speakers and cultural arts programs, well-suited to middle and high school assembly and training needs. The focus of
our programs is to shape character, influence healthy decision making, and change teens’ lives for the better. 

I’m an assistant principal at a junior high school in Westchester County, NY.  Are Teen Sage programs appropriate for schools with 6th graders?

Our programs are designed for “teens”, so, depending on the speaker most can be adapted to a 6th grade audience but not younger than that.

 I’m a guidance counselor and Anti-bullying coordinator at the middle school in New Jersey.  We are looking for someone who can train our faculty and staff.  Does The Teen Sage have any such programs?

Yes.  Traciana Graves offers several anti-bullying programs for students, administrators and parents.  They range from 1-hour assemblies to multi-day residencies and workshops. Her programs can be tailored to your needs.

 I’m a parent and PTA officer at a middle school in Connecticut.  Cyberbullying has been a huge issue. We are looking for someone to address the students and the parents.  Can you help us?

Yes.  The Teen Sage offers a couple of programs which address cyberbullying.  Jayne Hitchcock focuses on internet safety and cyberbullying; Traciana Graves is an anti-bullying specialist.

As a parent of an 8th grader, I’m not comfortable with my son’s use of the internet and social media resources.  I would like to recommend a speaker to our PTA.  Does Teen Sage have any such speakers?

Yes. Jayne Hitchcock shows students and parents how to safely use and navigate through social networking sites, IM, and text messaging. You’ll learn to beware of predators that lurk online.
You’ll learn tips on how to stay safer and walk away with the knowledge the Internet is a fun place, but that you need to take the same precautions online as you do offline.

I’m a 7th grade guidance counselor at a junior high school in suburban Long Island.  Substance abuse has become a grave concern within our community and surrounding areas.  Can The Teen Sage suggest a program for our students and parents?

Absolutely.  We offer two programs.  The first is presented by a father who lost his teenage son to an accidental drug overdose. His name is Jeffrey Veatch and his program is called “A Message from Justin”.  It is very powerful and moving.