About Us

We are passionate about helping teens and youth make good choices for themselves; choices that can ultimately have a far-reaching and positive impact on individual lives.

Welcome to The Teen Sage.  Our experienced and varied roster of keynote speakers and cultural arts programs is well-suited for your school assembly needs.  We know from our years of experience that these programs shape character, influence healthy decision making, and change lives for the better.

Beyond our 20+ years of experience booking educational speakers and cultural arts programs into schools in the US and Canada, we, perhaps like you, are concerned parents, forever trying to expose our children to positive role models, on-point messages about body image, drug use, internet safety, bullying and self-esteem, with an awareness of and sensitivity to, the rich and varied culture that we live in.

Our commitment to programming excellence and concern as parents drives us to make The Teen Sage a reliable and outstanding resource for you, and we hope to partner with you, as you begin addressing the needs and concerns in your own community.

A personal tragedy has also shaped who we are today, and fuels our drive to “get the word out” to teens and youth in need of positive affirmations and guidance.  In September of 2008, our nephew, Justin Veatch, never woke up for school one morning his senior year, because of a poor choice he made for himself.   Justin tragically died in his sleep as a result of an accidental drug overdose at age 17.  He was an amazing young man who was kind-hearted, intelligent, beloved, and an exceptionally talented musician and songwriter.

Our family’s pain was unbearable, as anyone could imagine, but, good things are unfolding out of this horrible loss.  Among them, Justin’s father – a featured speaker with The Teen Sage – began talking candidly and openly to young teens.  Immediately, the power and impact of his words – a message from Justin – was undeniable.

Jeff is now actively speaking to schools.  As we have seen for ourselves (when our daughter attended a middle school event with us in New Jersey), the power of a personal story to change lives and positively influence young people is real and profound.  We have now witnessed this impact firsthand with many of our featured speakers, as we’ve sat in school assemblies and classrooms in several states.  We are receiving amazing feedback from school superintendants and principals, as well as parents and students (our most important customer of all).

The Teen Sage was created to help young minds make wise decisions, and we have put together a collection of some very high impact programs for you to utilize and make a difference in your school and community.

Please call or email us.  We promise to do our very best to help you plan a successful program that serves your needs and meets your goals.

Thank you, for the work that you are doing, and for your own investment of time and energy to improving the lives of your students.

We can’t think of any work that is more meaningful and rewarding.